Games, Clowns & More!

Games, Clowns & More!

Games, Clowns & More!

At Party Rental 4 Kids, it’s our job to deliver unique, memorable, stress-free fun!

Throughout our party experience in Miami, we’ve found that it’s often one activity or another that truly makes a difference between a memorable party for your child and a memorable upsetting experience.
For this reason, to ease your planning stress and ensure that your event leaves your children with nothing but smiles, we’re glad to provide the following:

  1. Clowns. Screened, well-mannered, and sensitive, our clowns know how to provide entertainment to a diverse group of children. It’s their job.
  2. Costumed Characters. Similarly well-mannered and skilled in children’s entertainment, we have a variety of costumed characters available, to fit your needs. Pick your child’s favorite, and let us handle the rest!
  3. Carnival Games. Rock walls, dunk tanks, even a trackless train! You name it – we’ve got it. Our most multi-functional set of attractions, these games are great for bigger events or events with more adult/teenage guests.


Fun and Games – Bring life to your party.

– Clowns – A laugh a minute.

As much as we enjoy planning elegant events, nothing makes us more content than making your children laugh. And let’s face it, kids love to laugh!

Our clowns are: pre-screened, well-mannered, and sensitive to the wants/fears present in a diverse group of children. Because of this, our clowns are able to provide a range of services, from typical clown humor, to music, to interactive games that get your children involved, to balloon animals, or even face painting!

In addition, our clowns are multitaskers! They’d be more than happy to sing Happy Birthday, cut the cake, and take the time to ensure that your children enjoy themselves, all within a short period of time. With at Party Rental 4 Kids, your kids will enjoy themselves, and so will you!

– Characters: Pick a character and make your child’s day!

Whether in Miami or elsewhere, characters are a child’s favorite! At Party Rental 4 Kids, we’re happy to provide the costumed character of your choice – from movies and TV, classic to modern. A guest appearance from your children’s favorite character, in full costume and personality, can transform a dull party into a unique memory that can last a lifetime. Similar to our clown staff, our characters are screened, well-mannered, and sensitive to the wants and fears of a diverse group of children. Their job is to keep your children entertained and create magical moments, and we’re proud to say they do a fantastic job of doing so. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding a specific character for your child’s party, feel free to give us a call! We’d be glad to answer any questions and resolve any concerns you have. In the meantime, feel free to check out our most popular ‘cast of characters,’ so to speak, located below. When you pick an at Party Rental 4 Kids character, you’re picking a great time!

Carnival Games

– Trackless Train

Just add a flat surface and up to 15 children, and you will be on your way to a great time! at Party Rental 4 Kids’s trackless train is a fantastic way to ensure a joyous, supervised fun for all your younger guests – all aboard!

– Dunk Tank

What happens at the party stays at the party. Dunk your friends, dunk your boss, or get dunked yourself! This classic, 450 gallon attraction is perfect entertainment (and refreshment!) for outdoor events in the South Florida heat. This is a choice you will never regret.

– Rock Wall

Are you up to the task? Will you rise to the top? For larger outdoor events, choose our safe, yet impressive, rock climbing wall. 25 feet tall, with lanes and harnesses to accommodate 3 simultaneous climbers – this is a big hit among both older children and adults. Required space: 35L x 15W x 25H.

– Ponies (2 Ponies w/ attendants)

Does your child want a pony for their birthday? You don’t have to disapoint!

For much less than the cost of buying and caring for a pony, we’re proud to offer pony appearances for your child’s next party. For an hour, your children will be able to both pet and ride our clean, well-groomed, mild-mannered ponies. For their safety, the ponies will be led by an adult – the experience is magical, all the same. For an event that is unique and memorable – at Party Rental 4 Kids, at your service.

Make of your next party a success!

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