Food Machines

Food Machines

Food Machines

Having a big party? Planning on hungry guests? At Party Rental 4 Kids, we’ve got solutions for your need to feed — authentic, classic party concession machines. We have a variety of table-mounted machines equipped to easily prepare high volumes of popular party foods, such as: hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones.

Enhance the ‘flavor’ of your next party — call us today!

– Simple, like it used to be. Tired of hours of prep cooking and complicated setup, just to feed your hungry guests? Our machines are table-mounted, incredibly easy to use and come with enough supplies to feed 30 people. Don’t have tables? Need an attendant?Party Rental 4 Kids would be more than happy to supply exactly what your event requires. Give us a call!
– Classic. You can’t argue with what works! Served at parties and events as early as the 19th century, hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones are classic party food, delicious and sure to please.
– Transformative. Food can make the difference between happy guests and guests who can’t wait to leave. Better said, good food can make a good party great. With our stylish, classic, easy-to-use machine rentals, transform your event from just a simple get together into a lively carnival today!

Our food Machines:
– Cotton Candy Maker — Mmm, mmm. Could you imagine a birthday party or event without it? When you rent this machine, you’re renting a truly good time — sweet, delicious cotton candy is a party staple, a hit with both children and adults. Oh, and did we mention that sugar’s included with rental of this concession machine? Note: all other necessary supplies included as well.

– Snow Cone Machine — Avoid overstuffing your own refrigerator and purchasing coolers you’ll never use again, while providing icy refreshment for all. This concession rental comes with classic red and blue syrup, cone cups, and the ability to make delicious, refreshing snow-cones instantly! With service for up to 30, let your guests enjoy a cool treat in the Miami heat. Note: ice not included.

– Popcorn Popper — Enjoy the sound and smell of buttery popcorn being prepared and treat your guests to a real delight — fresh, hot popcorn is always a crowd pleaser! With service for up to 30, rental of this concession machine comes with popcorn, butter, salt, and all other necessary supplies.

– Hot Dog Steamer — Perfect for large parties, this easy-to-use, table-mounted rental can steam 50 hot dogs and 50 buns simultaneously — just load and wait! Quit spending the entire party languishing by the heat of the grill when our steamer can do the work for you! Concession machine only — hot dogs and buns not included.

– Chocolate Fountain – What separates your party from all the rest? Well, a number of factors contribute, but we can tell you it’s probably not your haircut! In short, what separates is what excites the senses – your party’s ambience, its unique feel.
Luscious, rich, and flowing with smooth, delicious chocolate, our fountains are nothing short of beautiful. The smell and taste of chocolate brings to life even the blandest of party foods – it’s one of the few party supplements that never fails to please.
In addition, our fountains add an element of visual stimulation – they can provide a touch of elegance to an otherwise drab snack table. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, Miami!
Note: chocolate not included.

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